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LORESUM LS01 Rose-gold

A display of all Jason's art pieces.

This is the place where you could find all watches designed by Jason Chan in his 11 years of the watch design journey.


Loresum story
Loresum Logo

By Jason in 2020,  “I want LORESUM to be designer oriented,” said Jason. “As many companies think in a business way, I want mine to be real creative. Not only playing around with the dials colours, materials, but also going for an innovative wristwatch experience.”

LORESUM upholds a cost-efficient, affordable, and reliable mindset. This is the least we hope to achieve as a professional watchmaking company. Combined with our expertise in design and mechanics, we want to bring you something original.

JKJinno story
JKJinno Logo

This is where we come in. JKJinno is a microbrand founded by three young men: Jason, Ken, and Jack. Each one is a seasoned expert in the field of watchmaking. They came together with the goal of breaking through the price to value dilemma in order to create luxurious and affordable watches for everyone to enjoy.

JW story
JW logo

JW watch is a watch company founded by Jason Chan (myself) and William Shum from Hong Kong. We aim to create valuable DESIGNER watches with excellent craftsmanship that can be savored by everyone (especially for watch lovers). 

William’s family has shareholdings in the watch factory and is one of the founders of JW watch. Our in house factory has more than 40 years of experience in producing mechanical watch movements for different top brands in the world.

JW-01 Silver and Rose-gold
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